Rock On!! 2008 1CD Pre-DVDRip ~Team BMB~


For the most part, "Rock On!!" is not exactly a rocking movie. Considering it's about a rock band, the film is fairly slow and at times even boring. There is some depressing feel about the film for the most part although the viewer may clearly feel the light in the end of the tunnel will certainly come at some point. What I really liked about this film, however, is the portrayal of relationships. I think it was very well done, and it was the film's best depicted aspect. It was actually the main aspect which pushed the otherwise unmovable narrative forward.

The film's concept is interesting, but not really new or unused. It's neither intriguing nor unpredictable. The performances are good in this order: Shahana Goswami is mind-blowing as Debbie. She is an excellent actress with a very natural and intense style and very forceful dialogue delivery. This clearly is the best performance of the film. Prachi Desai acts very well and she is vulnerable and convincing throughout the film. Farhan Akhtar makes a good debut, nothing outstanding though. He is a bit wooden in some scenes, but otherwise nice. And he sings very well. Arjun Rampal suffers from a very passive role, but his is probably the best performance among the male cast. Purab Kohli is effective but does not really get that much of a scope.

"Rock On!!" is a one-time watch for me. It has its moments, it has good acting, the music is excellent, but the story is not very well executed. I felt there was much more to show and much more to tell about the rock band. It is done quite realistically and does not go over the top, but it has its share of clich├ęs, unreasonable coincidences and ancient emotions, which neither move nor impress. Nevertheless, I liked the rather positive ending, which despite being predictable was quite efficient. The final verdict is above average according to me. I expected something else, but it's just me, watch it and make your own conclusions.