The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 2008 TELESYNC XviD-KingBen (Kingdom-Release)


The first few minutes of the movie start out well enough but it all goes downhill from there. The story seems like a jumbled up mess of ideas that are poorly executed. The dialog in this movie is so horrible at times that one actually feels physical pain just listening to it.

The Acting was nothing to write home about but most of the time it wasn't even really the fault of the actors. Some of the lines that they had to deliver were so bad that it wouldn't matter how they were pulled off. The absence of rachel weisz and oded fehr only hurt the movie more. Maria Bello did well during action scenes but when it came to anything else she fell flat.

The special effects in this movie were good but that wasn't enough to carry the film. The final battle was a complete bust, there was no idea of scale of feeling that the world was in danger, in fact there was no feeling that anyone was in danger since it was undead soldiers vs undead soldiers (as seen in the trailer) so neither side needs to worry about dieing.

It's sad that this movie was so horrible since the previous two installments were quite decent.