Dev D


This is one of the best movies i hav seen ! Anurag kashyap has proved his brilliance in story-telling one more time! For all those who r planning to see the movie, get ready to get ur jaws drop !

The plot everyone knows - a mordern take on the classical novel Devdas, and it does work well ! Though the movie is based on the text, but it is so very original ! This movie contains many things, thats very rare in a Hindi movie! This movie is dark, yet will mak u smile!

And what actually makes this movie work is the music, and the way they have used it! Its very rare to hav a movie with a narrative-soundtrack (by amit trivedi) which actually adds on to the film narration! and satirical too, where u hav a breakup song in actually a wedding-song backdrop !

This movie has certain things u wudnt normally hav in a Hindi movie - Reference to sex, abusive language, a narrative soundtrack, amazing narration, and an aim to actually mak a genuine, original, and remarkable film than to mak a super-hit clich├ęd Hindi movie! The cinematography (Rajeev Ravi) is superb ! The visuals add on to the darkness of the story !

All the performances are great, except for one possible drawback which is the dialogue delivery of kalki ( chanda )!

Mahie Gill has given a remarkable performance. All the emotions - anger, embarrassment, love, lust, is brought out well by her!

Abhay Doel acts perfectly well portraying an egoistic, broken man helplessly in love with a married woman.

The climax is great, but a little abrupt ! This movie was simply an awesome experience! A very rare piece of Hindi cinema! Go watch Dev D. Step out of the hall. And then, go watch it again.