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Rajkumar Santoshi has given the bollywood film industries a lot of serious films over the last couple of years for e.g Family: Ties of Blood, Halla Bol etc. But now he returns to make another comedy flick in the form of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. his early comedy film which was Andaz Apnaa Apnaa was a great hit and is one of my favorite comedy movies of all of time. The same however cannot be exactly said about APKGK but it is still a very good effort on the part of santoshi.

Ranbir kapoor once again proves why acting is in his blood by giving another show stealing performance he play the character of prem so well that you will end up falling in love with the character by the end of the movie. Katrina Kaif also proves why she is one of the best bollywood actresses of this generation with her performance in this film and new york she proved that she can play both a comic and a serious role in a film. The supporting cast also does a fine job Upen Patel was decent he was not involved enough in the plot enough to get any big sort of recognition. Govind Nao was OK still feel like his character was completely destroyed in this film however the people who played Prem's friends and his parents still deliver good performances.

The plot of the film is decent it is just another love story between a boy and a girl who meet, become JUST friends and the boy suddenly falls in love with the girl but can't confess, the girl loves him but she doesn't realize it and finally does after the boy leaves her forever and she misses him and feels lonely that is when she realizes that she really loves him. Well at least the plot is not a rip off of another romantic film which the bollywood industry seems to do very often.

The comedy is silly and over the top but it will make you laugh and entertain you nonetheless. Santoshi proves that he will go to any limits to make his audience laugh and entertain them. It is very hard to make the audience of this generation laugh very easily, silly over the top comedy wouldn't work so well but this film will still make you laugh more than any other comedy film has done in the last few years. the romance is the film is only captured during two songs during the movie and the dream sequence between Ranbir and Katrina and by the end of the film. But the on screen chemistry between the lead couple is fantastic.

ALl the songs in the movie are awesome apart from Prem Ki Nayaa which is decent. All the songs in the movie have beautiful lyrics and music and amazing singers like Javed Ali and Atif Aslam. The soundtrack of this movie is definitely one of the finest Bollywood movie soundtracks to come out this year.

Overall APKGK is very good film which has a very good and funny first half but pales and drags in the second, the comedy is still over the top and silly but will still make you laugh, there is not much romance in the movie but the on screen chemistry lives up for that. So overall i would say despite its flaws this was a very entertaining and good movie and one of the better bollywood movies to come out this year.