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As it has been said in the media,this movie is not your regular hashmi-flick (which either end up being corny or/and extremely boring).

I went in to watch the movie with very low expectations but was surprised with the the first half.It had a nice and enjoyable plot and i especially liked the opening card game (me being a big time card enthusiast).The second half more or less fell apart with all the emotions flying in.It suffers from what i call "The Soap Opera mentality" where every small thing is made a very big deal of.

Emran Hashmi was extremely believable as the grey-charactered high profile match fixer. His speaking style, i felt somehow, encapsulated the apprehensiveness yet decisiveness of a fixer. I would say this performance by him was his best,second only to one in Gangster. Vipin Sharma(Arjun's dad) was rather flat while delivering his dialogs and so did the emotionless Sonal Chauhan. The one performance i was bowled over by in this movie was of Javed Shaikh(especially the weight in his voice).

Another let down in the movie was for the ones among us who wanted more of insider-story from the match-fixing scenario. There, the movie lacked ended up more as a love story rather than a match-fixing story(which quite a few of us were hoping for).

I would rate this movie a 8/10, a definite watch if you have got the time and can bear the second half that gets all draggy.